Eric Burdon Releases New Single “Don’t Ever Leave”

Eric Burdon released a soulful new song, “Don’t Ever Leave,” a collaboration with Greek artists Alex Sid & Quasamodo. The emotive and moving track was created specifically for the finale of the Greek Television ERT1 drama series “Η Παραλία” (The Shore/Paralia) and aired on Monday, February 5.

It’s been over a decade since the world heard new music from one of the most powerful voices in pop history, and this promising collaboration with Alex Sid & Quasamodo serves as a testament to the harmonious synergy between these artists. It is also an organic result of Burdon living in Athens, having relocated to Greece during the pandemic in 2021.

Here Burdon returns as strong as ever, with a remarkable display of vocal prowess in this latest masterpiece, adding his distinctive touch to “Don’t Ever Leave.” The song, which takes the listener on an emotional journey, resonated deeply in the hearts of fans when it debuted on the concluding episode of “The Shore/Paralia.”

Voices like Burdon’s are rare and shining – and this song is a perfect testament to his unique and robust talent, and as the final chords of “Don’t Ever Leave” echo, listening to Burdon repeat it as the song concludes, the anticipation builds for what lies ahead in Eric Burdon’s musical odyssey.

So it is fitting that this week also saw the announcement that Burdon will return to the stage when he joins the Fool In Love music festival August 31 at the Sofi Arena in Los Angeles California.

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