Interview: Tina Tara

Can you tell us about the origins of your musical journey? What initially inspired you to pursue a career in music, and how did you get started?

I found Whitney Houston’s First album next to my mum’s record player when I was eight years old. Her sound immediately captured my attention and I was hooked. I started listening to her every day and began to sing along with her songs which lead to me forming the wish that I would be able to do something like that in the future as well. It was a long journey from there but I have not given up which lead me to where I am at this point.

Who are some of your biggest musical influences, and how have they shaped your unique sound? Can you share a specific instance where one of these influences had a significant impact on your music?
Well, I definitely have been shaped by Whitney. I sang her music a lot and worked hard on being able to create sounds like that. But I have also listened to a myriad of other vocalists such as Mariah, Alicia, X-tina, Sam Brown and many more. My main inspiration were vocalists and my main goal was to be able to communicate pure, deep feelings through my voice.

Touring can be an incredible experience. Could you share a memorable tour anecdote that stands out to you, whether it was a challenging moment or an unforgettable performance?
Oh sure. There are so many, but one of the most recent ones was a gig I had in Dana Point which I drove to on the day of. Being a solo artist there are a lot of things to be considered and I am the only one that knows everything I need to bring. On that day I got up early enough with plenty of time to go. And still, there is never enough time haha. But after I think a 2-hour drive I arrived at the location and realized I had brought everything except my stage outfit. Which sucked because I was just wearing boots, shorts and a tank top.
But the crowd was great and I ended up having a splendid time even without looking the part.
On the way home, however, I left my piano stand at the venue. Which I never got back.
So, bringing and forgetting things might be something to look into 😀

Many musicians have a pre-show ritual to get into the right mindset before hitting the stage. Do you have any special rituals or routines that you follow before a performance, and if so, what’s the story behind them?
It depends on the type of show. Lately I have performed a lot playing piano and singing. If I do that, my ritual includes some more in-depth neck & back stretching which I also use to center myself and meditate a little. I do my vocal warmups and make up and focus on breathing throughout that time to ground myself.

Collaborations can be a powerful creative force. Could you tell us about a memorable collaboration you’ve had with another artist and how it influenced your music or expanded your artistic horizons?
Only recently I have had the opportunity to collaborate with grammy and ASCAP award winning producer Damon Sharpe in LA on my upcoming single THE FLAME. It was a great collaboration and experience and I am very much looking forward to sharing the song with you all.
Overall, I am collaborating with different songwriters and producers and the main topic that keeps coming up is that 1. Communication is everything – especially between producer and artist and 2. Ego is the enemy. If you are in a songwriting collaboration you also need to be a team player and hear the other persons opinion and ideas. Those two things are definitely something I have learned but also something I keep re-learning as I work with more people along the way.

Over the course of your career, you’ve likely encountered various challenges. Can you share a particularly difficult moment you faced in your musical journey and how you overcame it?
I think one of the hardest things was that nobody could tell me where to begin. When I was a child growing up in Austria, I only had this dream that kept chasing me but no one in my circles had a clue on how to help me get there. It was a tedious and long winded process for me to figure these things out. Keep in mind there was no social media yet, there was no google where you can find out how to become a successful recording artist. It was like looking for the needle in a haystack.

Your latest single has received critical acclaim. Could you take us through the creative process behind it, from conception to completion, and the overarching themes or messages you aimed to convey?
I wrote my latest single I’m On Fire with my co-writing partner and producer Anthony Goldsbrough in London. The song is about finding your fire, your passion and yourself, to keep both feet on the ground and not budge for anybody. It is a true fight song.

Touring can be both exhilarating and exhausting. How do you balance life on the road with your personal life and creative process? Any tips for aspiring musicians who are just starting their touring journey?

It is all about systems. If I have a structured morning routine where I can get my workout, meditation and healthy breakfast in, I have won half the battle. My creativity comes when it comes, there is no system to that. I can only make space for it and use it when the muse hits me. In terms of personal relationships, I think communication and mutual understanding is the key.

Every artist has goals and dreams for their musical career. What are some of your long-term goals or aspirations, both in terms of your artistry and your impact on the music industry?

I want to reach as many people as I can with my voice and music and communicate self-love, empowerment and inclusivity aside from truthful heartfelt lyrics. In a success sense I would love to be able to get to the level where I can be nominated for a Grammy, get some placements in movies or show productions and play big concert venues.

The music industry has undergone significant changes in recent years. How do you see the future of music evolving, and what role do you envision yourself playing in this ever-changing landscape?
I know AI is going to take over a big part of the creation process. I think as humans we have always

been able to adapt and grow into new versions of ourselves. I honestly do not know where this is going to take us but I sure hope there will be a place were both human and AI creation can co-exist in harmony.

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